Usage of metallographic microscope

- May 13, 2019-

Usage of metallographic microscope

1.According to the magnification requirement of the observation sample, the objective lens and the eyepiece are correctly selected and installed on the base of the objective lens and in the eyepiece barrel respectively.

2. Adjust the alignment of the center of the loading platform with the center of the objective lens, and place the prepared sample in the center of the loading platform. The observation surface of the sample should be facing down.

3. Insert the light bulb of the microscope into the low-voltage transformer (6-8V), and then insertthe transformer plug into the 220 V power socket to make the light bulb shine.

4. Rotate the coarse focusing handwheel, reduce the load table, and make the surface of the sample close to the objective; then turn the coarse focusing knob in reverse, raise the load table, so that the blurred image can be seen in the eyepiece; finally turn the fine focusing handwheel until the image is clearest.

5. Properly adjust aperture and field of view diaphragm and select appropriate filters to obtain ideal image.

6. Move the loading platform around and around to observe the different parts of the sample in order to comprehensively analyze and find the most representative microstructures.

7. After observation, the power supply should be cut off in time to prolong the service life of the bulb.

8. After the experiment, we should carefully remove the objective and the eyepiece, and check whether there is any pollution, such as dust. If there is pollution, we should gently wipe it with the lens paper in time, and then put it into the dryer to keep it in order to prevent damp and mildew. The microscope should also be covered with a dust-proof cover at any time.