The usage of spectrum test system

- Sep 03, 2019-

Electric Lifting Platform supplier takes you through the use of the spectrum testing system in one minute.

It is well known that the spectral testing system is a device that can not only conduct qualitative analysis of substances but also conduct quantitative analysis of substances by using Raman spectroscopy. When the light source with strong single chromatographic line irradiates the substances, a series of satellite spectral lines with symmetric wave number distribution can be obtained on both sides of its excitation spectral line. In the use of our attention to some matters to avoid the use of unexpected faults, the following small make up to tell you about it.

First, be careful to sample properly. Is well known in the analysis and detection of product elements, must want to have a wide range of detection basis and better samples as the premise, can let the spectrum test system of the Electric Lifting Platformrunning more smoothly, so customers in the use of the most stable spectrum test system must be better sampling of the samples before, and in a variety of samples as a basis for the spectrum detection has better reference data of the testing system, as a basis to spectrum detection effect and detection accuracy of the testing system better, also can let the spectral element analysis of the testing system get higher quality performance;

Second, pay attention to correct Optical Rotating Platform debugging and follow the requirements. Extremely unique advantages of the spectrum test system must be used in a variety of methods for debugging before operation, with its professional attributes and better function as a basis for the spectrum test system has better operation environment, so customers in the use of the spectrum test system must be in accordance with the instructions for use and debug through professional personnel, make the spectrum test system to restore the original steady performance show better measuring result.