The usage and classification of dividing disc

- Mar 23, 2020-

What is the use method of index plate

The spindle can be tilted at any angle between the horizontal and vertical directions. The indexing mechanism is composed of a indexing plate and a worm worm worm gear pair (see worm drive) with a transmission ratio of 1:40. There are several circles of different equally divided positioning holes on the indexing plate.

Turn the handle connected with the worm to insert the locating pin into the selected locating hole to achieve indexing.

When the number of equally divided holes on the dividing plate can not meet the dividing requirements, the transmission ratio can be changed through the exchange gear between the worm gear and the main shaft to expand the dividing range.

What are the classification of the index plate

Dividing plate is a machine tool accessory that holds the workpiece on the chuck or between the two centers and makes it rotate, index and locate. It is mostly used in automation equipment.

According to its driving and dividing form, it can be divided into worm gear dividing disc, dividing disc, hole dividing disc, groove dividing disc, end tooth dividing disc and other dividing discs (including inductance dividing disc and grating dividing disc).

According to its function, it can be divided into universal dividing plate, semi universal dividing plate and equal dividing dividing dividing plate. According to its structure, there are vertical and horizontal dividing plate, tilting dividing plate and cantilever dividing plate. As a general-purpose machine tool accessory, the structure of dividing plate is mainly composed of clamping part, dividing positioning part and transmission part.