The Observation Of Microscope

- Feb 28, 2020-

One. Bright field of view

Bright field microscopy is a familiar method of microscopy. It is widely used in pathology and examination to observe stained sections. All microscopes can perform this function.

two. Dark field observation

The dark field is actually a dark field illumination. Its characteristics are different from the bright field of view, and the light of the illumination is not directly observed, but the light reflected or diffracted by the object to be inspected is observed. Therefore, the field of view becomes a dark background, while the object being inspected presents a bright image.

The principle of the dark field is based on the optical phenomenon of Ding Dao. When the fine dust passes through the strong light, the human eye cannot observe it. This is caused by the glare of the strong light. If you illuminate it, the particles appear to increase in volume and are visible to the human eye due to the reflection of light.

A special accessory required for dark field observation is a dark field condenser. It is characterized in that the light beam is not allowed to pass through the object to be inspected from bottom to top, but the light is redirected to the object to be inspected so that the illumination light does not directly enter the objective lens, and is formed by the surface reflection or diffracted light of the object to be inspected. Bright image. The resolution of dark field observation is much higher than that of bright field observation, up to 0.02-0.004


three. Phase contrast microscopy

In the development of optical microscopy, the successful invention of phase contrast microscopy is an important achievement in modern microscope technology. We know that the human eye can only distinguish the wavelength (color) and amplitude (brightness) of the light wave. For the colorless and bright biological specimen, when the light passes, the wavelength and amplitude do not change much, and it is difficult to observe the specimen when viewed in the bright field. .

The phase contrast microscope uses the difference between the optical paths of the object to be examined, that is, the interference phenomenon of the light is effectively utilized, and the phase difference that is indistinguishable to the human eye is changed into a resolvable amplitude difference, even if it is a colorless and transparent substance. Become clearly visible. This greatly facilitates the observation of living cells, so phase contrast microscopy is widely used in inverted microscopes.

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