The necessity of optical platforms

- Jun 14, 2019-

As a Electric Lifting Platform supplier China,today we would like to share the necessity of optical platforms for you.

Research and application laboratories often require experiments or measurements in vibration-free environments. Air conditioning, heat pump and railway transportation system will bring a lot of inevitable vibration noise to the surrounding environment. Because the various components that make up an optical system must be installed and placed individually and precisely, the optical system is particularly vulnerable to vibration and performance degradation.

Many experiments are severely hampered or even impossible by small vibrations. For example, many laser applications require beams of several microns; If the location of this spot is critical to the performance of the system (for example, using ion lasers to pump jet dye lasers), then oscillations within a few microns of amplitude will inevitably cause the experiment to fail. Because the wavelength of visible light is submicron, experiments based on interferometric measurements (including holography) may not be possible even with submicron amplitudes in the presence of vibrations. Similar stability is required for optical/mechanical processing or detection of semiconductor wafers. Therefore, if mechanical elements that move or vibrate are to be used in the experiment, it is usually necessary to isolate these elements from other optical elements that need strict alignment for vibration.

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