The Feature Of Microscope Objective

- May 21, 2019-

The Microscope Objective is the most important optical component of the microscope. It uses light to make the object to be inspected for the first time. Therefore, it directly affects and affects the quality of the imaging and various optical technical parameters. It is the primary criterion for measuring the quality of a microscope. The objective lens has a complicated structure and is manufactured with precision. Due to poor correction of the object, the metal objective lens barrel is formed by a lens group that is fixed at a certain distance and fixed. The objective lens is a parfocal shaft. When the parfocal microscope is inspected with a certain magnification objective lens, the imaging of another magnification objective lens should be basically clear. In the above-described operation of the sum axis, the center deviation of the image should also be within a certain range. The quality of the parfocal performance and the level of the axis are an important indicator of the quality of the microscope. It is related to the quality of the objective lens itself and the precision of the objective lens converter. There are many types of traditional objective lenses that can be classified from different perspectives.

According to the magnification difference, it can be divided into low-power objective lens (less than 10 times) and intermediate-fold objective lens (about 20 times) high-power objective lens (40-65 times). According to aberration correction, it can be divided into achromat objective lens (usually used to correct the color difference of two kinds of color light in the spectrum) and complex color difference objective lens (object lens that can correct the color difference of the three color lights in the spectrum, which is expensive and useless).

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