The electrification of the microscope

- Jul 10, 2017-

A. The process of electrification

1. Understand the technical specifications of micro-cameras the micro-cameras available on the market now have CCD series and MOC series, the CCD miniature camera is more suitable for the comprehensive performance. The main reason is that the CCD head has the following characteristics:

<1> High Sensitivity CCD image sensitivity is high, in addition to visible light sensitivity, the infrared light (wavelength range 0.4-1.1 microns) is also sensitive. The CCD can be directly used for X-ray detection after the appropriate measure. It can also be photographed in the case of visible light with low illumination (0.1 lux).

<2> radiation-resistant X-rays to silicon devices do not produce damage that is difficult to recover like high-energy particles and gamma rays that damage their lattice. Even when the radiant energy is large (about 5-20kev), it only shows the increase of dark current, and can be restored to normal by ultraviolet irradiation or simple heating annealing. So the CCD working under X-Ray has the advantages of anti-radiation and long life.

<3> Volume Shi the size of the CCD head is small. The CCD head weight is 40 grams, 44 width 55 height 23 (mm). There is a smaller, lighter finish.

<4> China standard output video format is pal. All TV sets for connecting to domestic TV programs

2. Making the point that the micro-camera and the ordinary biological microscope are properly connected, is the key to the ' electrification '. The specific methods are as follows:

<1>. The student microscope eyepiece tube, counterclockwise in the direction of rotation;

<2>. Fill in the objective tube with a plastic ring with an outer diameter equivalent to the eyepiece, and the outer diameter of the plastic ring should be suitable, and the screw holes fixed with the CCD head are drilled.

<3>. When the CCD head is installed on the outer end of the plastic ring, it should be adjusted carefully so that the axis of the mirror tube is coincident with that of the CCD head.

Two. The goal of the electrification of the so-called "electrification", is to change the general biological microscope and the existing audio-visual equipment terminals (such as television, etc.) organic combination of the image signal source, that is, by grafting the electronic device to the ordinary biological microscope, the process of transforming the images that can be observed by ordinary biological microscope into the television or projection projector is presented to the students. Now, the most popular miniature cameras for electronic surveillance in the electronic marketplace are the materials we use to graft, The projector that is popular in ordinary classrooms and multimedia classrooms is the existing terminal of the miniature camera.

Three. ' Electrification ' after the harvest of the above-mentioned ' electrification ' of the general biological microscope, not only to retain the original various magnification, but also to increase the CCD head specific to visible and non visible light and X-ray can be a psionic image of the characteristics. Therefore, it not only brings new ideas for the innovation of biological microscopic experiment, but also opens up a broad prospect for expanding the space of physical experiment and realizing the comprehensive application of the instrument interdisciplinary.

<1> the optimization of biological experiments is evident in the effects of microscopic experiments on biological microscopy, after the ' electrochemical ' microscope. It was difficult for a teacher to get a slice from the microscope now can be made through the television or projector to enlarge the clarity of the picture presented to all the students, to achieve both the convenience of operation and adjustment can also share the picture of the goal. A microscope group of students who have always been annoyed by the teachers, when they put an ' electrochemical ' microscope on the podium, Teachers can guide each group of students ' experiments by cooperating with the changes of the various components of the TV screen. Such ' side-by-side experiment ' enables the students to grasp the essentials of the microscope operation quickly, and also avoids the phenomenon of damaging the film because of the misoperation. The fact has shown that the "electrification" of the microscope, the promotion of biological experiment teaching is an indelible work.

<2> the widening of physical experiments from the instrumentation of the entire Middle school physics experiment showed that biological microscopy was used only in the "Brownian motion" demonstration experiment. But because the bio-microscope before the ' electrification ' can only be observed by individuals, can not share the contents of the film, so most teachers abandoned it, to touch the proposed Brownian motion experimental device to replace. It is difficult to play a role in physical experiments as a microscope specially configured for biological experiments. However, by the ' electrochemical ', the biological microscope, But it became the rookie of physics experiments. It not only "Brownian motion experiment" never complacent for the ' Touch of demo ' pull back to the big screen display of ' real demo ', teachers and students can be in the TV screen to appreciate the real ' Brownian movement '; the "infrared Poisson bright spot" demonstration experimental device designed by its infrared light sensitive image features, the experiment spacing from the arc 7 km, the helium-neon laser $number meters to the infrared light of 1.2 meters, so not only to achieve the goal can be demonstrated on the podium, It also avoids the harm that the arc or laser can bring to the students, the comparison of the state of the microscope terminal after the ' electrification ' of the infrared transmitting tube and the action of the remote control. It can also be used to demonstrate the operating principle of infrared remote control; If the light from the far-away observed is passed through a curved optical fiber guide into the microscope light, then the demonstration of the medical Gastroscope Optical fiber Application experiment device, is very concise to show in front of students; The principle of using the CCD head to simply connect the X-ray to the screen light in low illumination as long as you make a cassette with a fluorescent screen at the microscope lens, the incident light is changed to X-rays, and we can solve the two problems of safety and visibility in X-ray experiments ... It can be seen that the bio-microscope is not only the protagonist in the biological experiment, but also the ' hero ' to widen the physics experiment.