Talking About The Stage

- Feb 20, 2020-

Due to its high precision, high speed, large load capacity and long stroke, the electric stage is widely used in scientific research, laser applications, automatic measuring instruments and equipment, industrial automation, etc., as well as vacuum, pollution, and sterilization. Automatic displacement control in environments such as radiation. The electric stage system usually consists of three parts: the stage, the drive motor, and the controller. The drive motor and controller mainly determine the driving torque, acceleration and deceleration, signal processing, use function (such as scanning, circular interpolation) and other performance parameters. With the improvement of motor control technology, in addition to the mechanical components of the electro-mechanical stage, the motor and The controller also greatly affects the vibration, noise, and positioning accuracy of the electromigration stage. The displacement platform is the core of the whole displacement system. The main technical indicators of the system, such as displacement accuracy, stroke, straightness, load, stability, adaptability to the environment and dimensions of the system, are determined by it. Because the electro-shifting platform system is relatively complicated, it often involves mechanical design, electronic technology, control level, processing capability, assembly process and other aspects. Therefore, although the electro-shifting platform products are widely used, the current indicators of the electric displacement platform are domestic. It is also deeply confused and misunderstood. The most important and most confusing technical indicator is the accuracy of the electroplating station.

The electric drive table products provided include: Manual Rotation StageManual Lab Jack, upgrade table, angle table, precision motion controller and electric combination scheme. Manual displacement table products include: translation stage, lifting table, rotary table, angular stage, tilting table (including pitch, yaw) and so on. We also offer fiber-optic dedicated stages and multi-axis stages for more precise fine-tuning. Each type of product is divided into several series according to the main material, the form of the guide rail, the structural features, the driving method, and the like. Compared with electric products, the manual displacement table structure is relatively simple. From the construction, the manual displacement table is mainly divided into a main part (moving plate, fixed plate), a driving structure (separation card or thread pair), a guiding mechanism (rail), and a reset. Mechanism (return spring), locking mechanism, etc.