What should we pay attention to avoid in science researches or experiments?(Lab fire prevention)

- Aug 17, 2017-

Science is developing rapidly. There are plenty of scientists working on their research and there are plenty of experiments everyday. So, SAFE is an important subject of a talk. A first thing is fire prevention. So how to aviod this? Please read some words follow:

  1. Enough fire fighting equipments must be stored in laboratory.And must be placed in a convenient location easy to get. Set a manager. All people should take good care of these fire protection equipments and check or replace them regularly as required.

  2. All flammable and explosive materials (such as hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, etc.) stored in the laboratory must be kept away from the fire source and the power supply, and shall not be piled up at will. The laboratory for the use and storage of flammable and explosive materials is strictly prohibited.

  3. Don't mess with the wires. Overload is never allowed. No exposed wire. Do not use wire instead of fuse. Don't put any items in the power switch box.

  4. Electrical equipment, wiring, plug and socket should be inspected regularly to keep in good condition. When you catch sight of any conditions that may cause spark, short circuit, heating and insulation damage as well as aging and so on, you must notify the electrician to repair. When the last one leave the lab, please check up the power and take off it unless it is in use.

  5. When you are using electric iron. Place it on a non combustible insulated support. Do not store combustible material around it. Switch off the power plug immediately after use

  6. Flammable gas cylinders and combustion supporting gas cylinders shall not be put together. All cylinders should not be near heat source or open fire. Sun protection measures shall be taken. Collision and knocking shall be prohibited. Keep paint marks intact, special bottle only. The use of flammable gas cylinders, the general should be placed outside the cool and fresh air, with the pipe into the room. The hydrogen, oxygen and acetylene can mix a fire and use to keep a distance of more than 10m. All cylinders must have a fixing device to prevent the fall.

  7. For avoiding overload, any high power electrical equipment must be approved and filed before using.

  8. It is strictly prohibited to stack items on the corridor of the building to ensure the smooth fire control