PT-XY25 Manual linear Stage XYstage

- Nov 02, 2020-

The two-dimensional translation table adopts digital display micro sub head adjustment, Z small reading is 0.001mm, and the current displacement can be read directly on the display screen, so it is very convenient to use. There are mounting screw holes at the bottom of the product, which can be directly connected to other mesas, or can be transferred to the standard optical platform and flat plate by installing the bottom plate. The translation table adopts cross roller guide rail structure, which has greater bearing capacity, better stability and stability of movement.

PT-XY25 Displacement Table Micro Sub Head Adjustment Manual Translation Table XY Displacement Stage Manual Linear Stage


Platform size(mm):100×100

Stroke (mm):25

Adjusting   pitch (mm):0.5

Resolution (mm):0.001

Minimum   reading(mm):0.001

Reading   accuracy (mm):±0.003

Straightness   of motion (um)swing left and   right when moving):±1   

Motion   parallelism (um)(ups and downs   when moving):±3

Table flatness   (um):±10

Load (kg):15

Slide guide:Cross roller   guide

Dead weight (kg):2.1