PT-ST50 Manual Linear Stage Displacement Stage

- Nov 05, 2020-

The top and bottom plates of the platform are made of aluminum alloy, and the screw rod is trapezoidal

Large bearing capacity

The upper table and the lower bottom plate are suitable for each other. If you buy two tables, you can form a cross sliding table of XY axis, and then assemble the customized mounting plate, or you can install the vertical Z axis.

It is a self-locking device, and can also be additionally equipped with a lock!

We are the factory direct delivery, so as to reduce costs, good quality and low price!


Platform Size:65x65mm/80x80mm/80x80mm/80x80mm


Screw pitch:1.25mm/3mm/3mm/3mm


Dead Weight:1kg/1.8kg/2.8kg/3kg

Material surface treatment:6061 aluminum alloy - black or anodized