PT-GD40/60 Motorized Lab Jack Micro Electric Platform

- May 19, 2020-

product Introduction

According to the structure of the elevator, it can be divided into scissors, guideway elevator, aluminum alloy elevator, sleeve cylinder elevator, folding arm elevator and crank arm elevator.

According to the moving mode of the elevator, it can be divided into fixed elevator, mobile elevator, self-propelled elevator and vehicle-mounted elevator.

Pay attention to the maintenance of lifting platform in peacetime.




Platform Size:40×40mm/60×60mm

Lifting stroke:6mm/10mm

Transmission mode:1/2 wedge, grinding screw, pitch 1 mm;1/2 wedge, grinding screw, pitch 1 mm

Guide form:Precision cross roller guide/Precision cross roller guide

Main material:High Strength Aviation Aluminum (6061)/High Strength Aviation Aluminum (6061)

Surface treatment of main materials:Black Anodic Oxidation/Black Anodic Oxidation

Instrument weight:0.3Kg/0.7Kg

Center load:2.5Kg/4Kg

Resolution 8 subdivision/step:0.000625mm/0.005mm;0.000625mm/0.005mm

Mix speed:5mm/sec;5mm/sec

Accuracy of one-way positioning:≤50μm;≤50μm

Repeated positioning accuracy:≤20μm;≤20μm

Gap clearance:≤10μm;≤10μm

Surface runout:≤30μm;≤30μm

Motor type:Double Out Shaft 20 Stepper Motor;Double Out Shaft 20 Stepper Motor

Stepping angle of motor:1.8°;1.8°

Rated working current:1A;1A

supply voltage:24V±10%;24V±10%

Joint:DB9 needle connector/DB9 needle connector

Limit switchPhotoelectric switch/Photoelectric switch

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