PT-GD140G Translating Platform Translation Stage

- Feb 01, 2021-

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High Precision Motorized Linear Stages:PT-GD140G


◆   High precise ball screw provides high-performance

◆   Low bearing capacity and a proper travel range were required for this model because of the type of linear ball bearing.

◆   XY, XZ and XYZ stages can be stacked by 2 or 3 pieces of this model.

◆   Original position and limit switches at both ends which can supply the precision positioning and protection

Model NumberPT-GD140G-50PT-GD140G-100PT-GD140G-150PT-GD140G-200PT-GD140G-300PT-GD140G-400PT-GD140G-500
StructureTravel Range(mm)50100150200300400500
Screw SpecificationsPrecise Ball Screw (4mm of guide)Ball Screw (5mm of guide)
Travel GuideHigh Precision Linear Slide Rail
Stepper Motor42(1.8°)57(1.8°)
MaterialAluminum Alloy
Surface PreparationBlack-Anodized
Load Capacity(Kg)3050
Accuracy8 Subdivision Resolution(μm)2.53.125
Max Velocity20mm/sec40mm/sec50mm/sec
Absolute Accuracy(μm)8
Moving Parallelism(μm)101520
Lost Motion(μm)35
 AccessoryInstalling Braking Function (Optional)
Installing Grating Ruler (Optional)
Reloading Servo Motor (Optional)
Installing Dirt Shroud (Optional)