Precision Motion Control

- Mar 06, 2020-

China Motorized Stage Supplier can deal with performance requirements of your toughest applications, and contains more than five decades of experience designing precision linear stages, Motorized Rotation Stage, and total motion control systems.

Our skillset in high-precision placement comprises:

Structural outside and interior light-weighting for maximum stiffness/mass ratio

Skills in the use of cutting-edge position and angle metrology instrumentation

2-D and 3-D software reimbursement of residual stage mistakes

In-house layout of the two ironless and iron-core linear servo motors

Experience in management theory and the Plan of high heeled servo loops

In depth understanding of precision motion control system layout


Precision Stages

High precision positioning phases serve a vast array of applications and may be considered"high precision" for various difference motives. For some phases, it's vital to minimize geometric errors and supply true XY precision within the working area or volume. In other cases, one or more precision movement axes are needed to move with exceptionally steady pace. These systems often require that periodic causes be created at exceptionally precise positions, which encoder cyclical error be eliminated.

In other applications, decreasing position jitter if stopped is overriding with permissible jitter being just a few nanometers. This requirement can be coupled with a need to move very quickly from place to position. For yet finer place stability, Coulomb friction can be participated, reducing jitter to 10 to 20 picometers.