Precautions for electric displacement table

- Oct 30, 2019-

At present, the energy conversion rate of the electric displacement table can reach 70%, which greatly improves the load capacity of the electric translation table. The motion accuracy is relatively high, and the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy can be achieved, even the measurement accuracy can reach the micron level.

Different types and models of electric displacement table can realize the conversion of different motion forms, can carry out high-speed motion, and has many applications. According to the manufacturer of displacement table, if you want to make the operation more stable, you can choose high-speed servo motor as the drive and large pitch lead screw as the drive when making the electric displacement table, which can also improve the speed of motion.

In addition, the manufacturer of the displacement table said that when there are many flying debris, sparks and dust in the use environment of the electric displacement table, the dust cover can be installed outside, and attention should be paid to cleaning up from time to time, so as to ensure the service life of the electric displacement table.