PdXYZ100 3D aiming system

- Aug 06, 2020-

Features of the product:

1. Integrated design, compact and reasonable structure, with lifting, rotating and pitching functions;

2. The lifting part adopts imported linear bearing guide rail and screw lifter, with four axis over positioning, high precision, comfort and stability, and large lifting range;

3. The rotating part uses worm gear rotary table, which has high precision, large load and can be controlled by electricity;

4. The platform of pitching part is large, fine grinding lead screw is adjusted, and there is no clearance of rotating shaft;

5. The bracket is firm and beautiful, with casters at the bottom, which is easy to move.

Name: three dimensional aiming system

Bearing table size: 550mm × 400mm

Lifting stroke: 1046-1326mm

Rotation adjustment range: 300 degrees

Pitch adjustment range: ± 5 degrees

Lifting transmission mode: imported linear bearing guide rail, and high precision lead screw elevator

Rotary transmission mode: precision worm gear mechanism

Pitch transmission mode: fine grinding lead screw adjustment

Main material: high strength aviation aluminum (6061)

Main material surface treatment: sandblasting anodized black

Center load: 40kg

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