Operation and characteristics of scissor lift

- Apr 17, 2020-

Scissor lift workers know how to operate it, the following let small weave tell you its operation and advantages!

How to operate scissor lift

First of all, before use, the legs shall be opened and propped up, and the table top shall be adjusted to the horizontal level as far as possible. The operator can operate on the table top by himself. Generally, the buttons of the conventional mobile lifting platform are inching. Press and hold the up button to rise, and release when reaching the required height. Press and hold the down button to descend when descending, and stop at any height during operation Degree.

Here are the precautions for use.

1. When the lift is in use, the working surface shall be kept horizontal.

2. In case of outdoor operation and harsh environment, the user shall fasten the safety rope.

3. During the lifting process of the machine, it is forbidden to climb.

4. The fixed hydraulic elevator shall not be moved after lifting, and the lifting operation shall not be carried out without four support legs.

5. Overload operation is strictly prohibited during use, and the articles shall be placed properly.

6. The hydraulic oil used shall be kept clean and shall not be mixed with water and other impurities. Generally, it shall be replaced every half a year.

7. In case of maintenance or failure, the power supply shall be cut off in time, and the lift shall be fixed firmly after lifting.

Advantages of scissor lift

1. The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength manganese steel pipe.

2. It is equipped with safety protection device to avoid overload of elevator.

3. It is equipped with safety protection device to avoid hydraulic pipeline cracking.

4. Emergency landing installation in case of power failure.

5. Different energy situations can be selected according to different requests (such as: three-phase switching power supply, single-phase switching power supply, DC power supply and internal combustion energy, etc.),

6. Equipped with manual hydraulic installation, it can lift and lower the task in case of power failure or no power supply,

7. The extendable platform can be extended to the required position in case of lack of platform length, so as to improve task effectiveness.

8. Select solid tire or pneumatic tire

9. The lifting height of the mobile scissor elevator series products ranges from 4m to 20m, and the load weight ranges from 300 to 2000kg. The lifting mode can be manual, electric, battery, diesel engine, etc. the explosion-proof electrical appliances can also be selected in special places. The remote control device can be added according to the user's needs. The lifting is stable, safe, reliable and convenient. It is a Zui best product for high-altitude lifting operation.

10. It can be easily folded, occupying less space;

11. The folding structure rises and falls stably, and is relatively stable in the lifting process;

12. The structure of the scissors is firm, the gap is small, and the replenishment shakes during the rising process.