On the structural characteristics of 3D translation platform

- May 09, 2020-

All the structural materials of the three-dimensional translation table are high-strength aluminum alloy materials. The surface of the materials is precisely machined and hard anodized (coated) to light gray. The electric linear displacement table uses two precision square guide rails with recirculating linear bearings as the bearing parts, which are precisely guided by preloaded ball devices, This guidance system only needs standard lubrication service and no other maintenance

Compact size, the drive motor is not suspended separately, the linear motor, encoder and cable and other drive components are installed on the base of the displacement table, so the design can avoid the impact damage of the core components such as the external suspension motor and has a safer structure

The three-dimensional translation table adopts the recycling bearing system and is equipped with precision guide rail to support the displacement table for high speed and high precision movement

The high-strength aluminum alloy materials and precision machining process used bring the rigidity and stability of the electric displacement table to *. For aluminum materials, the standard treatment is anodized hard coating, for non repaired steel parts, polishing treatment, for special requirements, such as Teflon Teflon impregnated hard coating, non anodizing treatment, electroless nickel plating, etc., can be provided to users

Structural characteristics of 3D translation platform

1. Fine adjustment frame, positioning table, rotary table, lifting table, displacement table, adjusting frame, optical adjusting frame, precision adjusting frame, manual sliding table, sliding table

Linear slide, arc slide, rotary trimmer

2. precision: achieve the precision required by customers at a reasonable price. The precision is generally between 5um-0.5um. Customers can choose products according to different needs. The large precision of Zui can reach 0.05umpulse (MS1/20*), which can fully meet the needs of scientific research institutions and industrial students with high precision in automatic fine-tuning;

3. Diversification: in order to meet the different needs of different customers, our adjustment platform travel and table size are different in length and size. The table size has a series of larger products such as 25 * 25, 40 * 40, 60 * 60, 80 * 80, 120 * 120, and the travel has different products between 6.4mm-350mm, And the single axis (X Y Z axis of the straight platform, rotating platform, arc mobile platform) platform can be combined into two-dimensional, three-dimensional, four-dimensional, five-dimensional, six-dimensional multi-dimensional platform, to meet different directions and different angles of adjustment;

4. Driving mode: our platform uses stepping / servo motor to drive displacement through controller or driver platform. Zui can drive six axes at the same time. If USB hub is used to connect, one computer Zui can control more than 24 axes, and can build positioning system without connecting control computer through programming function and teaching function;

5. Durability: the products are stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other series of profile products, which can withstand long-term and heavy load use in the production process, especially in the field of FA, our five-dimensional and six-dimensional adjustment frame, with longer service life and more convenient adjustment;

6. Operability: product design is based on the position of customers, according to different customers' use occasions to design different products, which is very convenient to use;

The three-dimensional translation table is used for supporting the mechanical industry, widely suitable for the supporting use of ceramic machinery, chemical machinery, woodworking machinery, automatic welding machinery, plastic machinery, auto parts industry, textile machinery, construction machinery, stainless steel machinery, and paper products machinery industry, and the size process can be customized according to the customer's requirements