Olympus MPLAPON50X 100X Flat-Field Achromatic Objective

- May 22, 2020-

Flat-field achromatic lens MPLAPON

- Specialized objective lenses for bright field of view

- Planar achromatic objective with high correction of chromatic aberration

It is the first universal objective in the world to guarantee the dispersion ratio of optical properties (wavefront aberration)1 to over 2-95%.

Corresponding Differential Interference, Simple Polarized Light Observation and AF Unit (Olympus U-AFA2M)

Dispersion ratio:

When the concentration ratio (central intensity) on the junction image plane of an ideal aberration-free optical system is 100%, the concentration ratio in the actual optical system is expressed by the percent ratio, as opposed to that in the ideal aberration-free optical system. The higher the numerical value, the better the quality of the optical system.


N.A(Opening number):0.95/0.95

W.D.(Focal distance)(mm):0.35/0.35