Motorized Rotation Stage PX110-100H

- Jan 06, 2021-

Motorized Rotation Stage, Diameter: 100Mm PX110-100H

Structure Specifications

1  Item Number: PP110-100H

2  Rotation Range: 360° of Continuous Rotation

3  Diameter of Platform: Ø100mm

4  Drive Mechanism: Worm Gear

5  Worm Gear Ratio: 180 : 1

6  Stepper Motor (1.8°): 42BYG - Stepping  Motor with 2-Phases & 1.8° of Step Angle

7  Material – Finish: Aluminum Alloy - Black-Anodized

8  Load Capacity:20Kg

9  Weight: 3kg

 Motorized Rotation Stage, Diameter: 100Mm PX110-100H

rotary  stage 

A rotary stage is a component of a motion system used to restrict an object to a single axis of rotation. The terms rotary table or rotation stage are often used interchangeably with rotary stage. All rotary stages consist of a platform and a base, joined by some form of guide in such a way that the platform is restricted to rotation about a single axis with respect to the base. In common usage, the term rotary stage may or may not also include the mechanism by which the angular position of the platform is controlled relative to the base.

Motorized Rotation Stage, Diameter: 100Mm PX110-100H Product Detail