Manual Linear Stage XY Silding Platform Displacement Stage

- May 21, 2020-

product Introduction

Precision manual XY translation Platform: PT-SD100

1、Precision grinding screw is used for displacement adjustment, which has large driving force.

2、The precision grinding screw is placed in the center of the translation table, which is easy to operate.

3、The mounting holes with standard hole spacing are distributed on the table for easy installation and combination.

4、Multidimensional adjusting frame or other series of products can be made up of multidimensional adjusting frame.



Platform Size:200×200×60mm

Driving Mode:Grinding screw

Driving   position:Central drive


Adjustment   accuracy:20μm

Load bearing:15kg

Material:Hard aluminum   alloy

Product order cycle is 20 days. Customer service can be consulted in advance when placing an order.