Manual Displacement Station Specific Installation Method

- Mar 12, 2020-

The mobile station can move the components in a straight line. The micrometer screw pushes the mobile table to move relative to the fixed table. The slide rail built in a manual translation stage ensures relative linear movement between the mobile station and the fixed table. The characteristics of this manual translation stage. Sliding structure

The Manual Displacement Station consists of a mobile station and a fixed table. Some sort of guide rail or linear bearing is installed to ensure linear movement between the manual translation stage and the fixed stage. The choice of the guide rail directly affects the performance of the manual translation stage.

Propulsion structure

In the manual translation stage, in addition to the guide rail, there is a propulsion structure to push and control the relative displacement between the mobile station and the fixed table. Dongzheng Optics provides a variety of manual propulsion structures!

installation method  

There are four counterbore holes on each mobile station mount. The specific installation method is as follows:

1. Turn the micrometer screw in one direction to move the moving table to the edge, expose the bottom mounting hole, and fix it with screws. Make sure the locking piece is loose before operation.

2. Twist the micrometer screw in the opposite direction so that the edge of the moving table is exposed, and the mounting hole of the other section of the bottom is exposed and fixed with screws.

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