Main application fields of precision translation platform

- May 08, 2020-

The precision translation table adopts Japanese Panasonic 100W or 200W AC servo motor and high-quality elastic coupling, which can realize the precision electronic control translation table with high resolution, high speed, low vibration and low noise. The main material is made of alloy aluminum prepared by special process, which is processed by our company's unique precision grinding technology, To ensure the straightness less than 10 μ m and the straightness less than 15 μ m in every 100 mm stroke range, the overall quality of the series of electric moving table can reach the domestic level. The product has high degree of serialization, strong universality and convenient combination, which is suitable for various scientific research and industrial users in the fields of precision optical experiment, precision positioning and precision machining. It is an ultra-high cost-effective electric moving table product

Product features:

● the standard is equipped with stepping motor and RS232 interface, which can realize automatic control with SC300 and MC series controllers

● imported high-quality products are selected for grinding grade ball screw, linear slide rail, elastic coupling, etc., to provide quality assurance for the whole machine;

● the left and right limit switches and zero position switches are set to protect the products and facilitate the use, and the standard interface is convenient for signal transmission;

● standard hole position is convenient to form multi-dimensional system, which is convenient to match with other products of our company;

Special right angle fixing block of precision translation table is connected to effectively ensure verticality

● special power loss protection device, make your use more secure

★ if a large load is required, it is recommended to install a reduction motor

Main application fields of precision translation platform:

1. Production and testing equipment for DVD, MD, CD related optical disc reading lens and writable optical head, mainly arc positioning

2. LCD projector prism positioning and mounting

3. Optical fiber positioning, optical communication system products and testing equipment

4. Liquid crystal production and testing equipment

5. Semiconductor related production equipment and inspection and evaluation equipment