Introduction to electric platform Electric displacement table

- Oct 10, 2020-

Basic Info

Product Description

Origin: China

Motorized Linear stage, Linear Motion Stage, Linear Slide, Linear Table, Linear Motion Table, Linear Moiton Control Stage, Translation Stage, Linear positioning stage, Linear slide table


1) Equipped with step motor and standard RS232 port (dB9)

2) Actuated by high quality ball screw, good repeatability and positioning accuracy; Little end play and long lifetime

3) Anti-loosing and Anti-end play structure, suitable for high speed reciprocating motion

4) Adopt high precision linear sliding guide, smooth motion and high load capacity, suitable for single axis heavy duty or multi-axis use

5) Fine ground base and scientific guide fixing method minimize the yaw and pitch

6) Step motor and ball screw connected with high quality elastic coupler to counter unbalanced load and to minimize perturbation and noise

7) Equipped with adjusting screw, easy for debugging

8) Zero position switch and limit switch at both ends for accurate positioning and protecting the stage

9) The base has threaded holes and thru holes, easy for mounting

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