Introduction of Olympus microscope BH2 interface digital microscope interface

- Apr 03, 2020-

Digital microscope interface is a necessary device for connecting microscope and digital equipment. It not only plays a role of connection, but also plays a key role in the true display of microscope image. Because the optical imaging is a very complex process, the digital interface has a great impact on the compensation, transmittance, dispersion, balance, strength and so on, and plays a great role in image correction and compensation. Therefore, the analysis of real image by digital micro interface is also an important part.

Various microscope interfaces (different connecting devices, different appearance)

1、 Scope of application

Special civil digital camera interface, suitable for Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Sony and other civil digital cameras, as well as various digital cameras with internal thread of 43mm, 28mm, 37mm.

CCD camera interface is suitable for various types of videocamera; digital camera and other camera systems, suitable for most brand microscopes

Two, characteristics

  1. Wide applicability

  2. Focusing technology

It is suitable for any brand of microscope to use the central focusing process and optical technology to make it faster and easier to focus

3. High image quality 4. Compact design

Make the system camera more fixed, without vibration affecting the image quality, small and beautiful appearance

3、 Connectable device

1. Digital camera

2. cameras