Introduction of movable hydraulic lifting platform

- Mar 18, 2020-

Movable hydraulic lifting platform

The principle of the movable hydraulic lifting platform is to use the hydraulic lifting platform plus the electronic integrated controller. There are many kinds of mobile hydraulic elevator products, which can be roughly divided into: traction type, self-propelled type, hand push type, aluminum alloy type.

Traction type

The external power is used for traction, and the trailer or diesel engine can be used as traction power to move and can be used as hydraulic lifting power. It has the characteristics of flexible movement, stable lifting, large load and convenient operation.

Self propelled

Its main feature is that the user can control the mechanical lifting and driving to other working places without lowering the lifting platform. It has the function of walking and steering drive, without manual traction and external power supply.

Hand push type

This type of lifting machine belongs to small and medium-sized machinery, which can use two-phase, three-phase, battery or diesel engine as moving and lifting power.

Aluminum alloy mobile

The new generation of new design products, as a whole, are made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profiles, the deflection and swing of the elevator are very small.

The above is about the fixed and movable hydraulic lifting platform. I hope it can help you. Please pay more attention to us for more information about lifting platform.