Installation and Precautions of Manual Displacement Station

- Aug 07, 2020-

First, the installation method of manual displacement station

1. Move the platform surface to the extreme position, as shown in the figure below, two mounting holes are exposed. Please put the matching bolts in first for temporary fixation. Please confirm that the bolt has completely entered the bolt installation hole, and then proceed to the next step.

Manual Displacement Station

2. Next, please turn the micrometer counterclockwise to move the platform surface to the extreme position on the other side. On the side opposite to the previous position, two other mounting holes will be exposed. Please put in the matching bolts and tighten them to a certain extent. After confirming that it matches the installation position, first completely fix the bolts of the two mounting holes, and finally fix the bolts of the first two mounting holes.

Manual Displacement Station

Second, precautions for using XY-axis manual displacement station

1. Use the two fixing screw holes or mounting brackets at the bottom, according to site and machine installation space facilities, direct installation or additional protection, or other mechanical use.

2. Pay attention to the outlet angle of the traction rope during installation, that is, try to make the mechanism of the traction rope from the outlet to the moving part slide linearly during work, and try to keep the angle deviation to a minimum to ensure the measurement accuracy and the life of the cable. For long-stroke vertical installation, it is recommended that the rope ruler body be installed at the bottom and the traction rope is pulled upward.

3. The traction rope itself is made of stainless steel with a fluorine layer. Please do not let it be burned, cut or hit by external forces: excessive accumulation of debris, dust, or items that can damage the rope is stored in the pulley or The outlet will cause damage to the cable and cause malfunctions.

4. If it is not installed in front of a fixed seat or workbench, it is forbidden to pull the steel cable out by hand or other products and let it bounce back instantly. This will cause the steel cable to break and damage the body structure and personal safety.

5. If it is used in a non-linear motion mechanism, please install an appropriate pulley for operation, and bundle the curved motion into linear motion. For use in harsh environments or special occasions, please install a protection mechanism by yourself.

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