How to select manual displacement table?

- Jul 02, 2019-

How to select Manual Linear Stage?

For the quality of the product is very strict, no matter Manual Linear Stage or Electric Rotating Platform, choose manual displacement table, manufacturers strive to achieve the qualified rate of products to the standard. The quality control of this precision instrument is much more difficult than other popular products.

Practicality and accuracy

In the design, the practicality and accuracy of manual displacement table is the most basic two factors, before any new displacement table production, the design department will go through a long time to consider the modification, generally requires a specific plan. After waiting for the design drawing first draft to come out, must through the specialized seminar to carry on the revision to it. Is the so-called sharpening the knife does not mistakenly cut wood workers, if the design is not checked on the back of all the work is difficult to carry out.

Pay attention to detail

In the production and assembly of parts should also pay special attention to the details, any problems in the assembly link will lead to the displacement of quality problems, so that the previous is useless.

Although manual displacement table is not our daily use of products, manual displacement table precision, but it is used in the industry is a very wide range of facilities. Transmission components (Shanghai) co., ltd. has launched a lot of types of displacement products, fine-tuning the manual displacement platform, which is the most widely used manual displacement platform.

For example, in many occasions of scientific and technological research, researchers are very sensitive to the accuracy of figures. In many cases, only one hundredth of a millimeter error may lead to completely different test results. Therefore, displacement platform is an indispensable auxiliary product in the process of scientific research. It can accurately locate the location of the movement, so that researchers can collect a large amount of data for comparative analysis.

Manual displacement table buy from China Electric Lifting Platform supplier, can also be used with other precision instruments, such as automatic measurement and testing equipment, measurement error is as small as possible, if you want to get more accurate measurement data naturally also cannot be separated from the help of manual displacement table. In addition, it can also be used in industrial automation industry.