How to distinguish the quality of optical platform

- Mar 19, 2020-

Precise optical experiments depend on reliable positioning stability. Vibration in and near the working area will cause relative motion between optical components, resulting in unacceptable offset.

These offsets will lead to the following phenomena: the collected image is blurry, the facula offset makes it impossible to collect data or the data collection is inaccurate, etc., so the selection of optical platform plays an important role in improving the experimental accuracy.

From the structural point of view, the optical platform is mainly divided into two parts: the table and the bracket, so the vibration isolation performance of the optical platform depends on the vibration isolation performance of the table itself and the bracket. Generally speaking, the vibration isolation of the optical platform is realized through three aspects.

Optical Table

Generally speaking, the performance of the air floating vibration isolation bracket is better than that of the damping vibration isolation bracket. Some excellent vibration isolation brackets can reduce the external vibration (common 10-200hz) by one to two orders of magnitude. The table top is required to be rigid and light (hard weight ratio), which can effectively reduce the amplitude of resonance.

The structure of optical platform and how to distinguish its quality

The high-quality optical platform not only needs high-precision machinery and equipment to process, but also needs high-tech precision detection means and instruments to ensure, and only the high-quality optical platform can ensure the normal progress of high-precision scientific experiments and scientific research.