How to distinguish the quality of biological binocular microscope

- Jul 10, 2017-

The main purpose of this study was to observe the microscope of biological there are inverted biological microscope, binocular biological microscope, monocular biological microscope, and so on, the application of biological binocular microscope is very extensive, when you purchase biological binocular microscope, pay attention to the following points, to help you purchase a suitable for your company or part of the microscope products.

I. Stability

I believe every company buys a biological microscope for long-term scientific research, then the life and stability of the instrument is a problem to be considered, because the microscope is not a low value consumable, its normal service life should be more than 30 years, determine whether the stability of the microscope and the length of life mainly have several points: 1, raw materials 2, manufacturing precision 3, mechanical design.

II. Imaging Quality

High contrast, high brightness, good color reduction and high resolution, this is the identification of the four elements of biological microscope imaging, as with the choice of computers, usually when people buy computers, will pay attention to the new and old CPU and performance, and the motherboard, hard disk cache and so on, the imaging quality of the four elements of the biological microscope, is focused on the resolution, the other three items, concerned about the relatively small number of people, but in fact, in order to look at the image through the microscope to obtain the smallest organization and delicate color, Chromatic aberration, brightness, color reduction are indispensable.

Other issues needing attention also include numerical aperture, resolution, magnification, depth, field width, coverage difference, working distance, etc.