How to Choose the Electric Translating Platform Correctly

- Jun 12, 2019-

The main material of this series of products is stainless steel, and the guide rail is imported ultra-high precision cross-roller guide. With our unique precision grinding technology, this series of products have ultra-high precision and 1 micron sensitivity, and run smoothly without jumping. The whole series of products are driven by centimeter cards. This series of products are especially suitable for ultra-high precision manual adjustment field, especially for precision adjustment of optical fiber coupling or optical waveguide devices and DPSS laser components.

How to Choose Electric Translating Platform

When choosing the electric translation table, we should first make sure whether it needs manual adjustment or motor control, and then make sure whether the displacement stroke, load size, displacement precision, resolution, desired shape size and quantity are in turn. Generally speaking, the manual translation table is small in size, but it also has small stroke, light load and low price. Especially when no quantitative adjustment is needed, the fine tooth screw with 0.25mm pitch is selected to adjust, and the cost is higher. Low.