How to choose biological microscope

- Dec 25, 2020-

1. Microscope function: if you only require a single bright field, a simple instrument can meet your requirements. If you also need a dark field, or match these functions, you should take them into account and write them into the requirements for purchasing instruments. Only in this way can the purchased instruments be easy to use, and it won't be very troublesome.

2. Effect: the microscope is divided into monocular, binocular and tricular. How to buy the right biological microscope.

Of course, it's not that the three purposes need to use three eyes to see, but also use two eyes, but the three purposes can be connected to the imaging system, computer, TV or monitor. The three purposes are mostly used for factory testing, laboratories, school teachers and teaching. The single purpose is more suitable for students. How to buy a suitable biological microscope.

3. Price, service and after sales: These are also important. How to buy a suitable biological microscope.

The price should be compared with that of three suppliers. Make sure it is the same thing and the same configuration, and then look at the price, service and after-sales.

4. To choose your own appropriate biological microscope, the main thing is to see what you take, what you need to see, what sample, light transmission, etc.

5. After selecting the biological microscope, we should choose the appearance. The appearance here does not mean the beauty of the instrument, but the convenience when you look at the sample. It is very important whether you want to look at the standard sample or the irregular sample. The standard sample is upright, and the irregular sample is upside down. As we all know, the distance between the objective lens and the stage of an upright microscope is specified. That is to say, after selecting this kind of instrument, whether you like it or not, you should make the sample into a standard one. Otherwise, if you can't see the sample, the inverted one will be different. You just need to smooth the surface you want to see.