How do you choose the magnification of a microscope?

- Jul 10, 2017-

How do you choose the magnification of a microscope? This is every a people who want to buy the embodiment of microscopes are thinking about the problem, magnification for the microscope is very important to understand, then how to choose to reflect the magnification of a microscope? The following points will be answered.

The first is the light energy, we need to choose the magnification of the microscope according to the different objects, we need to use different eyepiece and objective to determine the choice of our microscope, so as long as the multiple of the microscope, we can according to their own different needs to determine the magnification of the microscope.

The second is video observation, the meaning of video observation if the magnification of the microscope is not enough, the electron microscope can be compensated, while as a video observation, the observation of magnification can be used to preserve data.

Finally is the light source illumination, everybody knows, the light source illumination to can clearly observe the object to play the very big role, when chooses the illumination must according to the characteristic which the object is measured to decide manifests the microscope magnification. In the current microscope market, the general body of the microscope with the transmission function, oblique lighting can not meet your lighting needs, so we also prepare for you other lighting light source.

The above is for everyone to introduce the microscope to reflect the magnification of some of the problems, in short, in order to meet their own observation to enlarge the desire, must be clear about their own observation goals and want to achieve the effect, which is in the selection of the important factors of the microscope multiple.