High Speed Camera 210 Frames

- May 18, 2020-

Technical characteristics

In the field of machine vision automation, industrial camera plays an important role. The basic parameters such as pixel, pixel, dynamic range, SNR, frame rate directly determine whether the output image can meet the requirements of post-processing. With the increasing integration of the whole equipment, the size of the camera itself is also the concern of many customers The mg-130 series industrial camera introduced by smart image uses USB 3.0 interface to transmit images. The internal PCB adopts 8-layer high-density blind hole design, with 1gbddr3 chip built in to ensure stable transmission. The camera includes only 29mm x 29mm x 25mm shell size. Ultra small size is suitable for the integrated installation of most industrial equipment In terms of heat dissipation: PCB is used in the shell to close to the aluminum shell for heat dissipation, effectively reducing the internal temperature, ensuring the stable and reliable operation of the circuit, and the external temperature is not more than 60 ℃ Control aspect: the camera is equipped with 4-way optocoupler isolation I / O design, which can customize IO purpose and isolate interference at the same time, so as to meet the needs of external complex control.

Camera parameters

product   model:MG-130


Resolution:1280 X 1024

Pixel size:4.8μm X 4.8μm

Target size:1/2

Data bi:10bit

Shutter mode:Global Shutter

Output framerate:210FPS

Output color:Monochrome