General type of indexing plate rotating table

- Mar 20, 2020-

Indexing plate is a kind of machine commonly used in our industry. Although you may not have heard of it, it is widely used. Then, what are its general types and what are its concept classifications. You may not understand these problems. I hope that the content sorted out below can help you!

What are the general types of indexing plate

1. Universal dividing plate: most widely used. The spindle can be tilted at any angle between the horizontal and vertical directions. The indexing mechanism is composed of a indexing plate and a worm worm worm gear pair (see worm drive) with a transmission ratio of 1:40. There are several circles of different equally divided positioning holes on the indexing plate.

Turn the handle connected with the worm to insert the locating pin into the selected locating hole to achieve indexing. When the number of equally divided holes on the dividing plate can not meet the dividing requirements, the transmission ratio can be changed through the exchange gear between the worm gear and the main shaft to expand the dividing range.

On the milling machine, the exchange gear of the universal dividing plate can be connected with the feed lead screw of the milling machine table, so that the axial feed of the workpiece can be combined with the rotary motion, and the spiral groove can be milled according to a certain lead.

2. Semi universal dividing plate: the structure is basically the same as universal dividing head, but without exchange gear mechanism, it can only be directly divided by dividing plate, not linked with milling machine workbench;

3. Aliquot dividing plate: generally, the aliquot plate with 24 grooves or holes is used to directly realize 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 aliquot dividing, including horizontal, vertical and vertical horizontal.

The vertical and horizontal bases have two mutually perpendicular mounting surfaces, and the main shaft can be in horizontal or vertical position. The dividing precision of general dividing plate is generally ± 60 ″.