Fiber Optic Illuminator Cold Light, Output Power : 150W, Input Voltage : 240V 50Hz

- Mar 06, 2018-


21V 150W Halogen light bulb

Output Power : 150W

Input Voltage : 240V 50Hz;

Color Temperature:3000K

Fiber Cable Adapter Size: 5/8″ Adapter

Power Box Dimensions: 180×180×15mm

Safety performance 

1) body ground; 

2) high voltage test: 1500V leakage current <2mA; 

3) insulation resistance> 500MΩ (2500V shake table); 

4) 2A fast blow fuse; 

5) will automatically reduce the temperature of 85Celsius Power Protection (lamp compartment when the internal temperature reaches 85 Celsius) 

6) fan guard, fan blades to avoid damaging the human body