features of Electric Rotating Stage

- Aug 15, 2019-

 features of Electric Rotating Platform, worth paying attention to!

Rotary table is a kind of multi-purpose product, which is mainly used for mobile phone, watch, cosmetics, car model, all kinds of crafts and other small products.

Rotary table products, using precision grinding worm and worm and cross roller shaft ring, ensure high rotation accuracy, end jump, diameter jump and other key indicators to reach the advanced level of peers. The product has a high load capacity, can be used vertically or even upside down, can be combined multi-dimensional use.

Rotating table features:

■ rotary shaft system of the China High Precision Motorized Linear Stage is precision machined by multiple processes, with high precision, large bearing capacity and long service life

■ precision worm drive and shaft system design, high adjustment accuracy, small air return, air return structure can adjust the use of the air return gap

■ low end jump and eccentricity of rotating table, stable rotation movement

■ the through hole of rotary table center is strictly coaxial with the rotating center, and the central aperture is strictly matched with the tolerance limit, so it is convenient for precise positioning


High Precision Electric Rotating Machine

■ the motor and worm are connected by imported high quality elastic coupling, with synchronous transmission and good deflecting performance, eliminating air return and form error

■ provide step and servo electrical accessories, provide technical support, accept product restructuring and customization

Do you understand the use of the rotary table?

A lot of people in the use of High Precision Electric Rotating Machine do not know the specific use of rotary table is what, today small make up to tell you about the use of rotary table, right

Rotating machine is mainly used in industrial workshop inside and outside the car to the direction of the change to use, accurate use of the turntable turned Angle, make flat wagon changes of direction, can realize the plus or minus 45 °. + 90 °. + 130 ° direction transformation, such as Angle. Speed. Direction of parameters can be adjusted freely. In modern large industrial workshop, both inside and outside the material flow convenient, a full range of technical problem solve a rail flat car driving direction transformation. And also can be used in indoor and outdoor gantry crane. The subway. Locomotives and rail traffic class reloading used cars do direction change.

Rotating machine is mainly used for product automation production line, rotary table according to the preset time. Direction. Dock operation and accurate location, speed and Angle of stop time is set. Covers an area of greatly reduced the production line. Make a person more than can be done in the case of not moving station work, improve the production efficiency, make the product production cost is reduced greatly. The turntable can form a complete set according to customer's request to provide wind. Water. Electricity. Gas. The rotation of the oil medium transmission device.