Explain The Optical Lens Design For You

- Feb 24, 2020-

The use and conditions of use of any kind of optical instrument will inevitably impose certain requirements on its optical system. Therefore, we must understand the requirements of the optical system before we carry out optical design. These requirements are summarized in the following aspects.

First, the basic characteristics of the optical system

The basic characteristics of an optical system are: numerical aperture or relative aperture; line field of view or field of view; system magnification or focal length. In addition, there are some characteristic parameters related to these basic characteristics, such as the size and position of the diaphragm, the working distance, the conjugate distance and so on.

Second, the system's external dimensions

The overall dimensions of the system, ie the lateral and longitudinal dimensions of the system. When designing a complex optical system for a multi-light group, the calculation of the external dimensions and the connection of the pupils between the various light groups are important.

Third, the quality of imaging

The quality of imaging requirements is related to the use of the optical system. Different optical systems can propose different imaging quality requirements depending on their use. For the telescope system and the general microscope, only the central field of view is required to have a good image quality; for the photographic objective lens, the entire field of view is required to have a good image quality.

Fourth, the conditions of use of the instrument

When making demands on the use of optical systems, it is necessary to consider the possibilities of being technically and physically realized. If the magnification Г of the biological microscope is to satisfy the condition of 500NA ≤ Г ≤ 1000NA, the visual magnification of the telescope must be considered together with the limit resolution of the telescope system and the limit resolution of the eye.

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