Correctly Maintain The Motorized Rotation Stage

- Mar 09, 2020-

We are a professional Precise Electric Translating Platform Supplier, and today's content is the daily maintenance of the Motorized Rotation Stage.

(1) Specify items for each service point and have clear rules. Each point can check one item or check multiple items.

(2) The fixed point must first determine that there are several maintenance points on the CNC turntable, scientifically analyze the equipment and find out the possible parts of the fault. Take a look at these maintenance points to see if there are any problems.


(3) There are provisions for the environment and inspection procedures, such as checking for consumption or shutdown, and checking for collapse.

(4) The calibration of each service point should be made one by one, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow, tightness, etc., must have a clear number of specifications, as long as it does not exceed the regulations and specifications will not be a problem.