Correct installation method of cross roller guide rail?

- Aug 12, 2019-

The correct way to cross roller guide?

1. Wipe the anti-rust oil on the base level of the part with oil remover. Because the base level of anti-rust oil is easy to rust, therefore, can be used on low viscosity paint, re-use.

2. After the side base plane of part 1 ~ 3 is positioned on the side base plane of step positioning, prefix it on the base plane of bed and slide table with screws. The tightening force should not be too large, so that the bottom surface of High Precision Motorized XY Stages can be tightly connected with the relative base plane. Press the part with a pressing plate so that the side of the part is attached to the base plane of installation. Use torque wrench to tighten the mounting screws of parts one by one according to the torques specified in the table below, starting from the middle and tightening them to both ends in cross order.

3. Temporarily fix the parts on the adjustment side.

4. Insert the cage carefully near the center.

5. Install the end block on the end of the guide rail of the Electric Lifting Platform.

6. Move the slider left and right to the end and adjust the cage to the center of the bed.

7. Hit the watch head on the center and side of the slide.

8. Move the slide table to the end of one side and tighten the adjusting screw gently after confirming that there are rollers at the right place of the adjusting bolt.

9. Move the slide table to the end of the other side and tighten gently as above.

10. Move the slide table to the central position and tighten the adjusting screw gently.

11. Repeat steps 8-10 to adjust the clearance of the sliding table to 0.

12. Follow steps 8-10 to tighten the adjustment screw by referring to the torque values given in the following table.

13. Finally tighten the part 4. Similar to the tightening step of the adjustment screw, move the slide table to ensure that the tightening place of the bolt is facing the roller.