CCD Camera 14 Million Pixels Industrial MV-1400HU

- Jan 20, 2021-

CCD Camera 14 Million Pixels Industrial MV-1400HU Specification:

CCD camera has powerful self scanning function, good image definition, can capture image at any time, support multiple combined pixel mode, innovative readout technology can fully reduce noise, achieve a higher sensitivity and conversion effect, make the image has a very high signal-to-noise ratio, which is widely used in the medical field. Compared with the traditional camera, CCD camera has the advantages of small volume, high reliability, high sensitivity, strong light resistance, anti vibration, anti magnetic field, small distortion, long life, clear image, easy operation, etc.

CCD Camera 14 Million Pixels Industrial MV-1400HU Parameters:

Pixel size:

Or pixel point or pixel size, refers to the actual size of individual sensing pixels, regardless of length or width, in μ m (micrometer) as the measurement unit. It refers to the actual physical size of each pixel on the chip pixel array, generally including 14 μ m, 10 μ m, 9 μ m, 7.4 μ m, 7 μ m, 6.45 μ m, 3.75 μ m, etc. the larger the pixel size, the better the quality of CCD. To some extent, the pixel size reflects the chip's response to light. The larger the pixel size is, the more photons can be received. The more charges generated in the same lighting conditions and exposure time, the stronger and clearer the image information. For weak light imaging, pixel size is a representation of chip sensitivity. The larger the pixel size, the better the chip sensitivity and the better the image quality of CCD imaging. If the resolution allows, the camera with the larger pixel size will have a larger dynamic range. The larger the pixel size, the higher the sensitivity of the camera (sensitivity refers to how dark the camera is Machine can work). The larger the pixel size, the better the image quality and the higher the cost.

CCD(Charge Coupled Devices)

Individual light sensing components (called pixels) are combined into a semiconductor device in the form of matrix or line. The optical lens gathers the image on the sensor, each pixel accumulates a charge proportional to the light, and then transmits the read-out. If the output matrix size is half of the sensitive element matrix, it is the interlace mode CCD. If it is the same size, it is the progressive scan CCD.

Technical   parameters

Product Model


The image sensor

14 million pixels Panasonic sensor is1/2   3inch

Effective pixels

1400    ten thousand

Pixels Size


Frame rate




The Shell

All metal

The White Balance

Automatic and manual


R/G/B adjustable





Photo Video


Cross cursor

Support,multicolor,the thickness and adjustable

Horizontal vertical lines

Each for support,multicolor,namely,position   can be moved thick line is adjustable

Digital noise reduction


TF card interface

The biggest support 32 gb

HDMI Card interface

Standard HDMI Output(TypeA)

The lens


USB Card interface

The Standard USB 2.0 interface(Type B)

Digital Zoom

5 XDigital Zoom

Brightness control

Automatic and manual