Cautions in the Use of Optical Platform

- May 20, 2019-

The Optical Platform is designed according to the requirements of the general physics optical experiment syllabus of the Ministry of Education. The platform system consists of the main body of the optical test platform, multi-dimensional adjusting frame, light source and optical elements. Teachers can arrange experiments according to the requirements of the experiment by choosing appropriate components to carry out open teaching, cultivate students'thinking ability and experimental skills, and improve the quality of teaching.

Cautions in the Use of Optical Table

1. Do not use acid liquid to clean the product, so as not to destroy the surface quality of the product.

2. Do not place this product at high temperature, humidity and high intensity vibration source.

3. Do not rinse the product with water.

4. This product has been in a state for a long time. Please adjust the level of the table with the level instrument.

5. Any equipment or tools placed on the working table must be carefully handled, and relative friction should be avoided as far as possible, so as to avoid damage to the working table and reduce the accuracy of use.

6. Workbench mounting hole is M6 screw hole used for fixing equipment. When using, avoid exerting too much force and affect the accuracy of workbench.