Application Range of Rotary Table

- Oct 08, 2019-

In terms of function and application, rotary table - rotary table - CNC rotary table - optical table - digital display table and ultra-precision end gear table table. Mainly used for supporting workpiece, and make it adjust straight line and rotation and feed movement.

By using it to fix the workpiece, the workability can be enlarged and the auxiliary time can be shortened. It can be used for adjusting, feeding, indexing and commutation of boring, milling or grinding of straight line and annular plane. With a wide range of speed regulation, a better feed rate can be obtained.

Motorized Rotation Stage

What is the application scope of hollow rotary platform?

  1. Rotary worktable in automation transformation of production line;

  2. Laser marking or rotary chuck in engraving machine;

  3. Rotating axis in precision alignment mechanism;

  4. Light-duty manipulator joints;

  5. Direct drive with high precision gear;

  6. High precision, high torque, high rigidity, easy to use, with high performance closed-loop stepper motor.